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MPW course 1: Health workers, conflict and peace
Public health approach to war and other forms of violence; health care workers’ contribution to the reduction of peace deficits; health professionals’ own peace qualities and other useful peace skills; opportunities for violence prevention and pea...
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Rehabilitation Medicine Update in Orlando
Advancements in rehabilitation are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Physical medicine and rehabilitation professionals need an opportunity to gather and learn about the latest developments. This course is designed as an update of techniques ...
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IICD’s website serves as a starting point for gathering information on issues regarding the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the context of sustainable development cooperation.
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Development Initiatives Update (DI Update)
MISEREOR was founded in 1958 as an agency “against hunger and disease in the world”. The site provides specifics on its various campaigns, especially related to children and pupils, as well as how it is assisting in crises internationally. It also...
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