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21st ESFH (European Society for Hemapheresis) Congress

Health care communication

27.05.2021 - 28.05.2021;
Parkhotel Schönbrunn,
Hietzinger Hauptstraße 10-14,
1130 Wien, Österreich

Conference themes

•indications of therapeutic hemapheresis
•C-reactive protein (CRP) adsorption in severe inflammatory organ damage
•specific immunoadsorption treatments in a variety of disorders
•collection, generation and use of CAR-T cells, a novel and promising approach in cancer therapy
•new indications and treatment protocols in extracorporeal photopheresis
•transfusion medicine like safety of blood components
•application of pathogen inactivation methods
•support and education of young scientists

Enquiries and Registration

Monika Seidl, E-Mail:

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