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Family-based Genetic Analysis

Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam

04.02.2019 - 08.02.2019


Course Content

The course focuses on theoretical background and practical issues in the genetic analysis of complex traits. It considers two main gene-finding approaches: model-free linkage studies, and pedigree-based association analyses. It also addresses the analysis of qualitative outcomes - such as diseases - and quantitative (or continuous) traits.

As well as maximum-likelihood estimation and Haseman-Elston methods for model-free linkage analysis, we will also cover issues such as extreme sampling, the inclusion of covariates, and the generalization of methods based on sibling pairs to other pedigree structures.

Learning objectives, training objectives

Gain insight in the theoretical background and practical issues in sib-pair studies of complex genetic traits.

Target Audience

Epidemiologists, geneticists, biostatisticians, investigators/physicians involved in clinical and pharmacological research


Basic understanding of genetic epidemiology (level ESP29) and statistics (regression analysis and maximum likelihood estimation), familiarity with PC-compatible computers.

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