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Medical Peace Work MOOC

Medical Peace Work

07.05.2018 - 17.06.2018


Course Content

Violence affects health in multiple ways. Medical peace work is an important and emerging field of expertise in health, violence prevention, and peace-building.

This course will introduce you to some of the key concepts, opportunities and dilemmas in the field through six case studies on causes, responses, roles, and duties of healthcare practitioners in dealing with violence and building peaceful societies.

Learning objectives, training objectives
  • Discuss definitions of peace, conflict, and violence and their relationship to the health professions
  • Understand the different types of MPW that health care professionals can participate in globally and locally
  • Recognise and respond to violence
Target Audience

Different health professionals and students in these fields.

Typical postgraduate careers and job opportunities

It is particularly relevant to students in clinical healthcare professions (such as medicine, nursing, and allied health) and equally relevant to those working in broader disciplines (such as public health, global health, and development studies).


This course has been created for people with some experience in healthcare.


Workload: 12 hours (6 weeks á 2 hours).
The course is accredited by the Norwegian Medical Association with 12 CME points.

Type of degree
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Credit Points

12 CME


free of charge

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