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100% online Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education

Maastricht University
Course Content

Selection of 4 courses fitting your personal career challenges and field of interest within health professions education.

The three certificate courses correspond to equivalent units in the MHPE

1.Curriculum and Instruction* Start 20-10-2021

2.Organisation and Leadership* Start 15-02-2021

3.Assessment and Evaluation* Start 14-12-2020

Choose your desired topic to specialize.

Look at the website for start of the specific certificate courses

Learning objectives, training objectives

Skill Disciplines Research Techniques, Case Analysis, Curriculum analysis, Project Management, Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Networking, Organizational analysis, leadership, course evaluation, assessment skills.

Target Audience

The certificate courses are for participants working in the field of health professions or medical education course coordinators, tutors, trainers, middle managers, skills lab coordinators, clerkship coordinators internship supervisors researchers

Typical postgraduate careers and job opportunities

A programme of online Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education has been introduced, in order to cater for participants at the level of course organisers who want to shorten their path towards a master degree.


The certificate courses are for participants who already obtained a bachelor's or master's degree to deepen their insight into the course topics but who may not (yet) aim to complete the full research-based MHPE Master


•Selection of courses fitting personal career challenges within health professions education.

•Excellent preparation for Master of Health Professions Education

•Doable in 8-16 weeks.

•Constructivist, collaborative, context driven teaching method.

Type of degree
Master, Certificate of completion
Education form
Distance Learning, E-Learning

EUR 1.800,00
Three Certificate Courses are provided, all as a MHPE track (with possible exemption for MHPE module after finishing successfully) €1,800 (per course)

Enquiries and Registration

Danielle Vogt, E-Mail:

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