Adolescents - the unknown species in Child Public Health ?

Zentrum für Public Health der medizinischen Universität Wien / Institut für Umwelthygiene
04.03.2014 - 03.06.2014  Center for Public health medical University of Vienna, Kinderspitalgasse 15 / 2nd Floor, 1090 Wien, Austria
10 Terms (schedule)
Course Content
The situation of young people in the context of public health will be elucidated on the basis of case vignettes regarding three topics epidemiology - the legal framework - communication. After an introduction to the main topics, methods of research and practice are presented. Then details from every field are discussed and assessed including methodological and interdisciplinary approaches. E.g. a teenager with cancer who refuses chemotherapy.Finally a joint meeting with several teachers will be.
Learning objectives, training objectives
Aquirement of competency how to get data from youth and handle them in a interdisciplinary manner and to manage communication with adolescents in indifficult situations e.g. youth with intersex gender or refusing chemotherapy in oncology disease
Target Audience
Postdoc students from different disciplines
Typical postgraduate careers and job opportunities
Public Health
Postdoc students who have basic knowledge in scientific working and public health
Praxis-Seminar VL-Nr. 851.034 2h

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Ms. Lilly Damm
Epidemiology and Disease Control, Evidence-Based Health Care, Health Services, Public Health, Public Health Research
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German, English
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2 ECTS - Points
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Kinderspitalgasse 15
1090 Wien
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