M.Phil. Basic Medical Sciences

University of Glasgow / Faculty of Medicine
15.09.2012  Glasgow
Course Content
The first year will involve teaching in one of a range of basic medical sciences: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology, pathology, English language skills, study skills, basic research methodology, applied science. In the second year of the course, the basic medical science teaching will continue but there will be a greater component of applied science; project in Lybia (first and second year)
Learning objectives, training objectives
This course will provide training in basic medical science, applied science and teaching, the aim being for the student to be a better teacher on their return to Libya
Applicants must be qualified as a medical practitioner and intend to pursue a career teaching basic medical science
In conjunction with the Faculty of Biological and Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow

Enquiries and Registration:

Ms. Dr. Sandra McGregor
Ms. Margaret Ashton
Mr. Dr. Kevin Hanretty
Mr. Dr. Donald McMillan
Ms. Dr. Tara Quasim
Ms. Cate Keetley
EUR 0,00
(EUR 4 410, EUR 15 151 (non-EEA))
Organizer contact info
Wolfson Medical School Building
G12 8 QQ Glasgow
United Kingdom
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