STDs & HIV Prevention Diploma

Africa Health Research Organization
Middle October 2011 - Middle October 2012  London
12 months
Course Content
The STDS & HIV Prevention is a course organized by Africa Health Research Organization by its UK office. The course is for 12 months which will cover the following modules:Update & Current Situation,Transmission of STDs & HIV,Prevention of HIV & STD,HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care,STDs Control & Management, Cervical Cancer Prevention & Care,Principles of Social Care,Chlamydia Infection & Care,Genital Ulcers,Gonorrhea,Extra Genital Infection,Research Methods,Project & Charity Sector management.
Learning objectives, training objectives
The objectives of the course is to to build the capacity of participant in the field of sexual health and project development and management.
Target Audience
Nurses, Social Workers, Officials of NGOs, Program Managers
Typical postgraduate careers and job opportunities
Sexual Health Clinics, NGOs

Enquiries and Registration:

Ms. PhD Abubakar Yaro
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Organizer contact info
PO Box AN6731
AN Accra North
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