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COVID-19 related podcasts just released from top research fields of the Lancet

The Lancet

The Lancet released new podcasts on all different topics within the scope of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Seroprevalence and Black voices in healthcare -> How many people have COVID-19 antibodies? What does having antibodies mean? 

COVID-19 vaccines, insulin pricing, and snakebites -> In a bumper episode of The Lancet Voice we speak with Kalipso Chalkidou about COVID-19 vaccine access for low and middle-income countries 

COVID-19, Ben Goldacre, and the planetary health diet -> In a packed pilot episode of The Lancet Voice, our EBioMedicine Editor-in-Chief, Julie Stacey, reports on how SARS changed our approach to treating and tracking coronaviruses, The Lancet's Editor-In-Chief, Richard Horton chats with Ben Goldacre about researchers owing the US Government $7bn, and we discuss the planetary health diet – what’s the real link between food and the climate?

You can subscribe to The Lancet Voice using: AppleSpotifyGoogleStitcher, and several other providers by searching for “The Lancet Voice”.

Here you can find an overview of all topics being spoken about.

  Quelle: The Lancet
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