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MSc Molecular Biotechnology

MSc Molecular BiotechnologyStart: late September 2015, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Industrial biotechnology, known mainly in Europe as “white biotechnology”, is the application of biotechnology for industrial purposes e.g.  the use of mammalian and microbial cells to perform chemical processing, such as antibiotics, and using genetic engineering hormones, vaccines and enzymes.

This course offers a flexible framework of core and optional modules. The programme is delivered using a combination of lectures, practical classes, tutorials and seminars... read more.

Mastering Professional Interactions

Mastering Professional InteractionsWorkshops in autumn 2015, London; Birmingham; Leeds, United Kingdom

You may not have realised, but a third of patients making a complaint or claim have been urged to do so by other doctors. When the care of a patient passes between doctors or when two doctors disagree over the best care for a patient this can lead to increased risk for all parties involved.

We are seeing the risk from these types of professional interactions increasing and more frequently leading to complaints, claims and disciplinary actions against doctors. This workshop is designed to help you identify the risk factors related to professional interactions. It provides proven techniques and models to reduce risk and improve patient outcomes... read more.

Master of Public Health at UNSW Sydney

Master of Public Health at UNSW SydneyStart: Spring 2016, Sydney, Australia

The Master of Public Health (MPH) at UNSW Sydney is widely recognised as essential for a career in population health, including health promotion, primary health care, policy formulation, research, and management of health programs. Many of our graduates occupy key positions in health departments, non-government organisations and universities in Australia and internationally.

The MPH program can be undertaken either full-time or part-time. Courses are offered internally on campus with face-to-face teaching, or externally by distance mode using online teaching... read more.

EPSRC Congress 2015

EPSRC Congress 201527th to 30th August 2015, Hamburg, Germany

This EPSRC meeting is meant to provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas through an informal and friendly atmosphere. This allows high quality discussion and interaction on evidence-based studies and translational research in all technical disciplines of plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as related fields.

Characteristic of the EPSRC meeting is the opportunity to network with surgeons and scientists from around the world, to make new friends in addition to discussing unpublished research from and with leaders in the field... read more.

ESC Congress 2015

ESC Congress 201529th August to 2nd September 2015, London, United Kingdom

Our vision for ESC Congress 2015 turns towards the patient as we focus on how we can improve patient care by communicating the most timely and significant advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

We will look at the best way to present, share, debate, and conclude on the latest science and research in cardiology and how it can improve the lives of our patients.The scientific programme will be practice oriented and interactive, ensuring the cardiology professionals from around the world can equate the presented science to their professional practice... read more.

XV World Congress of ArrhythmiasXV World Congress of Arrhythmias

17th to 20th September 2015, Beijing, China

With autumn comes the moment of harvest, it will also be a golden occasion in Beijing. Notable experts and scholars of Arrhythmias all over the world will gather in Beijing to participate in the 15th World Congress of Arrhythmias. This promises to be an excellent stage to demonstrate the progress in global Arrhythmias, Arrhythmias research and clinical outcomes.

We will endeavor to develop and design the most sophisticated academic agenda, and the wonderful lectures which we will deliver in Beijing, and we will be sure to sate the most gluttonous of academic appetites... read more.

15th International Thyroid Congress (ITC)

15th International Thyroid Congress (ITC)18th to 23rd October 2015, Orlando, USA

The Congress covers a breadth and depth of thyroid topics, symposia, discussion/debates, and plenaries to appeal to you, as a member of the international community of endocrine specialists, thyroid surgeons and other thyroid health professionals.

This is the meeting to attend for all those devoted to thyroid biology and to the prevention and treatment of thyroid disease through excellence in research, clinical care, education, and public health. Don’t miss this „top of the mark“ collegial event... read more
Quick Tips

12th Seminar of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health
2nd to 4th September 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel
Find more information here.

EASD 2015 - 51st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes
14th to 18th September 2015, Stockholm, Sweden
Find more information here.

Masterclass in Intra-Operative Neuro-Monitoring (IONM) for Spinal Surgery
18th September 2015, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Find more information here.

Introduction to Immunology
Start: October 2015, two years, Warwick, United Kingdom
Find more information here.

Hematologic Cancers - An Introduction
27th to 28th October, Newark, USA
Find more information here.


18th European Health Forum Gastein – Sneak Preview

18th European Health Forum Gastein – Sneak Preview30th September to 2nd October 2015, Bad Hofgastein, Austria 

How can we work together on securing the health of all European citizens? Which priorities should we set – especially against a background of limited resources – and which international and intersectoral synergies can we form? These and other questions are going to be discussed at the 18th European Health Forum Gastein

Coming from all over Europe participants will meet to use the Forum as an opportunity for exchanging experiences and establishing valuable contacts. The topic of health security will be looked at from a variety of different angles, covering everything from how to secure the health of the individual to securing the functionality and sustainability of whole health systems... read more.

Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) – Two Year Fellowship

Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Two Year FellowshipStart: 1st July 2016, Atlanta, USA

Boots-on-the-ground disease detectives

EIS is a 2-Year fellowship program for Health Professionals interested in the practice of applied epidemiology. EIS officers are selected from among highly qualified, eligible applicants drawn to public health service and interested in practicing applied epidemiology.

EIS officers learn through both classroom and on-the-job experience in this competency-based training program. EIS is modeled after a traditional medical residency program where much of the education occurs through hands-on assignments and mentoring. About 95% of learning is experiential. The remainder occurs via classroom instruction, case studies, exercises, and e-learning... read more.

Assistenzarzt (m/w) zur Weiterbildung in Allgemeinmedizin - Salzburg

Assistenzarzt (m/w) zur Weiterbildung in Allgemeinmedizin - SalzburgÄrzte und Ärztinnen für Allgemeinmedizin betreuen Menschen jeden Lebensalters in ihren gesamten Lebensbereichen. Sie lernen die Erkennung und Behandlung von Gesundheitsstörungen sowie von akuten und chronischen Krankheiten. 

Arbeitgeber sind renommierte Akut-Krankenhäuser und universitäre Lehr-Spitäler des Landes Salzburg. Diese bieten Ihnen die komplette Facharztweiterbildung im Gebiet Allgemeinmedizin mit organisierten Rotationen in die in der ärztlichen Weiterbildungsordnung vorgegebenen Fachgebiete... read more.

Oberarzt (m/w) Innere Medizin - Gastroenterologie

Oberarzt (m/w) Innere Medizin - GastroenterologieGesucht wird ein/e berufserfahrene/r Facharzt/Fachärztin für Innere Medizin (m/w) mit dem Schwerpunkt Gastroenterologie und einem breiten Erfahrungsspektrum im gesamten Fachgebiet. Der/die neue Stelleninhaber/in sollte durch Führungs- und Sozialkompetenz überzeugen und über Teamfähigkeit, Engagement und Einfühlungsvermögen verfügen. 

Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit zur  Position "leitender Oberarzt". Das Haus mit der zu besetzenden Position ist ein Haus der Grund- und Regelversorgung in Bayern. Die Versorgung der Patienten wird in insgesamt 10 Fachabteilungen gewährleistet... read more.

Communication Tips by Medics on the Move (MoM)

Communication Tips by Medics on the Move (MoM)Are you a professional or a pre-professional? 
Do you use a second or foreign language at work?

Communication for Professionals hands you the tools for successful integration on the (multilingual) workfloor, just-in-time & on-and-off-the-job!

Boost your professional interactions by trying our monthly communication tips. This month's edition will show you how to pick up cues during consultation and respond to them... read more.

Jobs and Career in Germany or Switzerland

Jobs and Career in Germany or SwitzerlandIf you are a medical specialist or a medical assistant with good knowledge of the German language ( level C1), apply now at Going International for these specialities:
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurology
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
If you are interested please send us your detailed CV as a Word-document to
Please write in the subject line: "GI-Mail 06/2015".You can also find a wide range of job vacancies in the German Job Newsletter.

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