Innovations and New Techniques of Surgical Ophthalmology

Since the introduction of microsurgery in the field of ophthalmology with the routine use of surgical microscopes, precision and security have been tremendously improved. Numerous new instruments have been invented to do justice to the small size and the optical function of the organ and...

(In: Polak, G. [Hg.]: medicine & health 2005, Going International, Wien 2004, S. 108-110)

Oftalmologia e Optometria

Susanne Binder

2011-03-09 14:59:51

"Noi, Going International, siamo un’azienda che si è scelta come obiettivo di rendere acessibile la formazione a una grandissima quantità di persone, oltrepassanddo i confini geografici e sociali."

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