Management for Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organisations

Non-profit organisations have been slightly sneered at, especially by economists, until the early nineties. On the other side board members and co-workers of NGO’s did not see why they should suddenly act according to mostly economic aspects. This whole image has changed quite dramatically during the...

(In: Polak, G. [Hg.]: medicine & health 2002/03, Going International, Wien 2002, S. 79)

Amministrazione degli Ospedali ,Management della qualità ,Management per organizzazioni non profit e non governative. ,Gestione del progetto

Christian Horak

2011-02-09 15:40:49

"Noi, Going International, siamo un’azienda che si è scelta come obiettivo di rendere acessibile la formazione a una grandissima quantità di persone, oltrepassanddo i confini geografici e sociali."

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