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Multilevel Modelling and Longitudinale Data Analysis

Amsterdam UMC / EpidM, Department of Epidemiology & Data Science
19.01.2022 - 26.01.2022  Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data limite per la applicazione:December 15th 2021
Contenuti (corsi)
This sixday course will explain the basic concepts of multilevel analysis, some specific application of multilevel analysis and will further focus on longitudinal data analysis. The latter includes standard modelling, alternative modelling and the analysis of RCT data. It is an applied course, so the emphasis lies on the interpretation of the results from the different analyses and not on the mathematical background. Lectures are in the morning and in the afternoon there is a computer practical
Obiettivi didattici, obiettivi del training
For example:
The student understands the role of mixed model analysis in analysing longitudinal data
The student understands how alternative models can be used to answer specific research questions
Pubblico target
The course is designed for researchers who work with mixed model analysis or researchers who plan to work with mixed model analysis. It is an applied course, so the mathematics behind the mixed model analysis is not discussed in detail.
We use an interactive Learn Management System for this online course. Here you can find all course materials at least one week before the start of the course

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Ms. Ange van der Veer
Ricerca clinica, Ricerca dell Sanita Pubblica, Sanità Pubblica (Public Health), Statistica
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6 Giorni
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