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BSc in Public Health

University of Debrecen / Medical and Health Science Centre Faculty of Public Health
Beginn Ottobre 2019 - End Giugno 2022  Debrecen, Hungary
Contenuti (corsi)
The aim of the BSc in Public Health is to train specialists who are capable of identifying and evaluating public health problems, plannning and implementing evidence-based interventions to solve them.
Opportunità di lavoro e di formazione specialistiche per post-laureati
health services, employement in research, surveillance, health promotion and or/ enviromental health health among other areas; public helath and related agencies such as cancer registries, food safety authorities, disease screening programmes etc.
Public health is a rapidly expanding field worldwide.The degree will open up a range of career opportunities througghout the world.It therefore provides a base from which to proceed to a career in a wide range of health-related occupations.

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Ms. N. A.
Sanità Pubblica (Public Health)
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Kassai street 26/b
4025 Debrecen
Aspher University
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