Communication Skills

European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT)
04.02.2015  Brussels, Belgium
29.10.2015  Brussels, Belgium
Contenuti (corsi)
This is a one day course designed to improve communication between colleagues and/or clients in a project environment. Communication is an important tool when working out solutions for specific issues and realizing individual and common objectives. We are often very concerned with the “what”: the content of communication. But the biggest and heaviest part lies underwater and is the “how”. The “how” is generally given little attention,and this is often the reason for misunderstanding and friction
Obiettivi didattici, obiettivi del training
What is communication? Communication versus miscommunication, the difference between what I say and how I say it, my way of interpretation.
Basic rules to simplify dealing with others and with conflicts.
Introduction to negotiation skills.
Pubblico target
Clinical research professionals wishing to improve and/or refresh their communication skills
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Ms. Sunita Kelecom
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Marcel Broodthaers plein 8b5
1060 Brussels
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