ENCITE Final Workshop

European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR)
04.11.2017 - 06.11.2017  to be confimred
Contenuti (corsi)
The closing event will present project results and make the main technologies and methods developed accesscible to the broader public. We are pleased to present you a small selection of the topics:

- New and improved imaging modalities
- First fluorine compound for clinical DC vaccines in a patient
- Update on new generation fluorinated PLGA particles
- and many more highlights
Pubblico target
Students and young peers in science but also scientists and representatives of the industry and the European institutions involved are most welcome to attend the event.

Informazioni ed Iscrizioni:

Ms. Eva Haas
Imaging, Radiologia
2 Giorni
Contatto organizzatori
Neutorgasse 9
1010 Wien
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