Forecasting and Quantification of Medicines and Medical Supplies

19.08.2012 - 24.08.2012  the Netherlands
Contenuti (corsi)
This course addresses the major challenges faced during quantification and aims at building participants’ capacity to manage the quantification processes in a multi-stakeholder environment.
Obiettivi didattici, obiettivi del training
Demonstrate knowledge of the quantification process and conducting quantification based quantification methods;Establish and maintain an efficient quantification plan suitable for their work settings;Monitor and evaluate the quantification processes.
Pubblico target
The course targets those responsible for the quantification components of the supply chain especially, pharmacists and pharmaceutical buyers, physicians, senior health system managers and technical assistance professionals.
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Assistenza sanitaria basata sull'evidenza, Medicina basata sull’evidenza, Sanità Pubblica (Public Health), Servizi sanitari, Sistemi Sanitari
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EUR 2.800,00
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Westdam 3B
3511RS Woerden
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