Short Course on abdominal ultrasound in infectious diseases and tropical medicine

University of Pavia / Division of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
18.04.2011 - 22.04.2011  Pavia - Italy
Contenuti (corsi)
This course is designed for clinicians who wish to acquire basic skills in ultrasound of the abdomen and a general overview of Ultrasound in Tropical Medicine. Imaging specialists who want to acquire knowledge in the field of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine can benefit from this course as well. It is also designed for MDs who plan to work in tropical/resource poor areas or who are already experienced in field work but need to refine their skills in this diagnostic tool.
Obiettivi didattici, obiettivi del training
The course can be of help to those clinicians work
Pubblico target
MD, RN, Medical Students.
Imaging, Medicina di Viaggio, Medicina tropicale e infeziologia
Contatto organizzatori
Via Taramelli 5
27100 Pavia
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