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Call for Applications: Online Certificate Course on International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - 2021 Edition

Human Rights and Justice Group International / Training/Capacity Development
Contenido de curso
This intensive one month course in international human rights and humanitarian law is open to social workers, human rights and humanitarian practitioners who wish to become acquainted with the legal framework applicable to armed conflict. Combining theory and practice, the course follows a methodology involving exercises, simulations and discussions based on the actual challenges that advocates and humanitarian workers face today.
Objetivos de formación
Acquire an understanding of the principles and institutions of international human rights and humanitarian law, including their origins, assumptions, contents, limits and potential; And display a knowledge and understanding of the main sources law.
It is open to professionals – diplomats, lawyers, legal advisers, judges, NGO staff, human rights advocates, social workers, media specialists, professionals working in emergency situations, humanitarian donor agencies, UN staff and staff etc.
Basic understanding of English language, knowledge of internet etc.
GHLTI Certificate in Int'l Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Organizador local
Human Rights and Justice Group International (Justice Group)
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Información e inscripción:

Deadline for application is 20th November 2021. While full tuition payment is due on 22nd November 2021. However, applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.
Mr. Prince Devison Nze
Ayuda humanitaria – Cursos para expertos, Ayuda humanitaria – Misiones primarias, Cooperación para el desarollo – Cursos para expertos, Cooperación para el desarollo – Misiones primarias, Cuidados especiales, Economía y Financiamiento, Evaluación, Liderazgo, Salud Pública
Tipo de título
Diploma, Certificado de asistencia, Certificado de conclusión
Método edicativo
Estudio a distancia, e-Learning
30 Días
USD 300,00
(Course fees include access to all course materials, expert support, as well as postage and packaging of a certificate. There is a limited amount of partial scholarships available for applicants from developing countries.)
Número de participantes (max.)
Cantacto organizador
53, Western Avenue, Surulere
101014 Lagos
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