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Critical Appraisal of Assessment

Maastricht University / Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
05.04.2021 - Comienzo Junio 2021
Contenido de curso
Assessment in the health professions is at a crossroads: ongoing and dramatic changes in health-care and education systems call for new ways of thinking about assessment practices. The focus in this online course will be on (new) messages from assessment research and how to translate insights to assessment (design), including programmatic assessment. We will push you to the limits of where we are in the field of assessment of professional competences at MSc+ level
Objetivos de formación
Health Professions Education is a flourishing field in which a growing number of educators are holding a relevant master’s degree. Yet, the need for research-oriented and flexible courses at the post-master and PhD level is now rapidly increasing.
For learners interested in assessment research and the latest developments in the assessment domain with a MSc+ degree in health professions education or a PhD?
Oportunidad de trabajos y los campos profesionales mas buscados por personas ya tituladas
These are exciting times to be involved in assessment research. In this course, we are going to take participants to the cutting edge of where research on assessment currently is.
Master degree in health professions education or in a relevant health domain.
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School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
You will learn how to locate and retrieve essential literature and collaborate with your peers in assessing the quality of research approaches and journal articles. Get insights in modern assessment research practices and recent developments.

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Ms. Danielle Vogt
Atención sanitaria basada en la evidencia, Cooperación para el desarollo – Cursos para expertos, Docencia Medicina, Educación para la salud, Medicina basada en la evidencia
Tipo de título
Master, PHD, Diploma, Certificado de asistencia, Certificado de conclusión
Método edicativo
Estudio a distancia, e-Learning
3 Meses
Puntos de crédito
3 ECTS - Points
EUR 1.500,00
(The working language is English. Given the format of some of the modules, active mastery of this language is required. The course will be closely related to your own research project in health professions or medical education)
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Universiteitssingel 60
6229 ER Maastricht
Aspher University
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