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Problem and Project Based Learning: a critical appraisal

Maastricht University / Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
06.04.2020 - Medio Mayo 2020
Contenido de curso
Medical education is moving from traditional learning environments to more realistic tasks employing new technologies, such as high-fidelity simulations or virtual patient encounters in e-learning environments. Good research is necessary to find evidence for what works and what does not. The aim of this advanced course is for participants to familiarize themselves with research on task-centered learning environments and develop a critical view on the quality of research designs and reports.
Objetivos de formación
Acquiring knowledge of recent developments in research in the domain of task-centered learning environments.
Learning to retrieve and evaluate essential scientific literature in your domain and evaluate research designs
Determine gaps of knowledge.
Researcher holding a master's degree in health professions education or in a relevant health domain and conducting research (or planning to conduct research) on task-centered learning environments.
Oportunidad de trabajos y los campos profesionales mas buscados por personas ya tituladas
By the end of the course you will have an overview of the domain of task-centered learning environments, and in-depth knowledge of recent developments and existing gaps in the domain related to your own research project.
Master degree. This is an advanced course on MSc+ level. The working language is English. Given the format of some of the modules, active mastery of this language is required.
Organizador local
School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
SHE is internationally highly ranked on research and education. Your teachers are true scholars and experts in the field of Research on Task-Centered Learning Environments.

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Ms. Danielle Vogt
Atención sanitaria basada en la evidencia, Cooperación para el desarollo – Cursos para expertos, Cuidados especiales, Docencia Medicina, Educación para la salud, Investigación en salud pública, Medicina basada en la evidencia
Tipo de título
Master, PHD, Diploma, Certificado de conclusión
Método edicativo
Estudio a distancia, e-Learning, a tiempo partido
2 Meses
Puntos de crédito
3 ECTS - Points
EUR 1.450,00
(The working language is English. Given the format of some of the modules, active mastery of this language is required. The course will be closely related to your own research project in health professions or medical education)
Cantacto organizador
Universiteitssingel 60
6229 ER Maastricht
Aspher University
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