Clinical Research Training for Clinical Trial Assistants

European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT)
01.10.2014 - 02.10.2014  Brussels, Belgium
Contenido de curso
Clinical Trial Administrators have a crucial role to play in the clinical research process. They must adequately maintain all the project’s documentation, records and files and archive them according to stringent standards. In addition Clinical Trial Administrators also assist with periodical reviews of the clinical project records for accuracy and completeness in order to remain audit-ready.
Objetivos de formación
Introduce the new CTA to drug development. Clarify the difference between medical care and clinical trials. Explain the why, the when and the how of essential study documents - processes of a clinical trial from start to end.
CTAs who are relatively new to the job - people working in other areas
Oportunidad de trabajos y los campos profesionales mas buscados por personas ya tituladas
CTA, Clinical Trial Administrator, Study Nurse, Nurse
ISO9001:2008/ Qfor
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Información e inscripción:

Ms. Sunita Kelecom
Investigación clínica
2 Días
Inglés, Italian
EUR 850,00
Cantacto organizador
Marcel Broodthaers plein 8b5
1060 Brussels
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