Religion and Bioethics

University of Padova / Department of Molecular Medicines
26.05.2014 - 28.05.2014  Padova, Italy
Fecha límite para la aplicación:May 19th 2014
Contenido de curso
Contents of the course include: (1) a critical analysis of different approaches on the relationship between bioethics and religion; (2) a sociological perspective on the interaction between religious attitudes and secular values; (3) anthropological presuppositions and bioethical implications of important Western and Eastern religious traditions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam.
As to the methods, the course will combine lectures, group discussions and workshops.
- healthcare professionals working in multicultural settings; - healthcare ethics committees members; - healthcare chaplains; - hospital volunteers; - philosophers and sociologists interested in the role of religion in the public sphere.
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University of Padova

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Ms. Silvia Tusino
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3 Días
The course fee is: - € 600 for early registration (until April 25, 2014); - € 700 for registration after April 25, 2014 (from April 26 to May 19, 2014); - € 350 for university students and PhD candidates.
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Via Gabelli 63
35121 Padova
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