The ECG in Clinical Research

European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT)
18.04.2012  Brussels
Contenido de curso
The ECG in Clinical Research - This course is designed to give a basic understanding of the conducting system of the heart and will briefly cover the anatomy of the conducting system and the electrophysiology of cardiac contraction.
Objetivos de formación
Understand the basic of cardiac electrophysiology
Recognise the different sections of the ECG trace
Know the basic language used in ECG reports
Detect some disorders of rate and rhythm
Understand why the various intervals are measured
This course is designed for non-medically qualified scientists working in the fields of clinical research and regulatory affairs. No previous knowledge is required
ISO 9001:2008/ Q-for

Información e inscripción:

Ms. Sunita Kelecom
Cantacto organizador
Marcel Broodthaers plein 8b5
1060 Brussels
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