Biopharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical Development and Safety Assessment

University of Copenhagen / Copenhagen Summer University
15.08.2011 - 19.08.2011  Copenhagen
Contenido de curso
An explosion of novel opportunities for development of biopharmaceuticals has occurred given by tremendous recent advances in genetic understanding, biotechnology and knowledge of protein function in the biology of diseases. This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the new advances in our ability to develop macromolecules into effective biopharmaceuticals.
Objetivos de formación
You will be able to proactively identify and assess potential major issues during development of biopharmaceuticals, design and develop novel interdisciplinary approaches and communicate field specific issues and solutions.
The course is for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry who need an interdisciplinary overview of the specific requirements for development of biopharmaceuticals.
A relevant bachelor degree or equivalent, a minimum of 2 years of relevant job experience within drug development and have proficiency in English.
Ciencias de la Vida, Investigación clínica, Medicina basada en la evidencia
EUR 2.500,00
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Frue Plads 4
1166 København K
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