Advanced Light Microscopy – Principles and Applied Techniques

University of Copenhagen / Copenhagen Summer University
15.08.2011 - 19.08.2011  Copenhagen
Contenido de curso
Modern light microscopes are available in numerous different configurations that incorporate very different capabilities for examining biological specimens, yet life scientists often have little knowledge of their potentials, and even less experience of their limitations for collecting and visualising scientific data. This course has been designed to combine an appreciation of the possibilities of the various methods with an understanding of their limitations, within a condensed time-frame.
Objetivos de formación
After the course you will understand the image formation in the light microscope, be able to align both wide-field and confocal microscopes to give optimal performance, be able to collect multi-channel two and three dimensional image data.
The course is designed for researchers in life science who already use the microscope in their daily work and now want to extend their knowledge of basic principles and more specialized techniques.
Participants should have at least a Bachelor degree
Atención sanitaria basada en la evidencia, Ciencias de la Vida, Investigación clínica
EUR 3.000,00
Cantacto organizador
Frue Plads 4
1166 København K
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