Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology 2009

Nordic School of Public Health
30.11.2009 - 04.01.2010  Gothenburg
Contenido de curso
This course provides an overview of current topics and issues in cardiovascular disease (CVD) epidemiology including; global disease burden, major risk factors, specific methodology in CVD research, CVD and Public Health, strategies for primary and secondary prevention, and epidemiological challenges in CVD research such as fetal programming, risk factors in children, and mental health. Ethnic, gender, and genetic aspects will also be addressed.
Objetivos de formación
The course highlights what is new today regarding risk factors, biomarkers, and national policies.
Doctoral students, researchers and health profressionals.
Minimum a master degree or equivalent. It is also expected that the student has good pre-understanding of basic statistics and epidemiology.
Organizador local
Nordic School of Public Health
Refreshments and obligatory in-class course material are included. Check our web site for more information:

Información e inscripción:

Ms. Assoc. Professor Alexandra Krettek
Epidemiología y Control de Enfermedades
Puntos de crédito
3 ECTS - Points
Cantacto organizador
Nya Varvet, House 25, Box 12133
40242 Gothenburg
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