Monitoring and Evaluation of Procurement and Supply Management

14.04.2013 - 19.04.2013  Niederlande
Monitoring & Evaluation of the procurement and supply management system is required to measure the performance of all PSM activities. The information provided by M&E should feed into the decision making process and lead to prevention or correction of (upcoming) problems. “You cannot manage what you do not measure”.

Improved M&E can contribute significantly towards better planning and management of the supply chain in order to promote efficient and sustainable access to medicines.
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The course aims to provide an understanding of how indicators can be used as a tool for the purposes of M&E of PSM systems. Using a participatory, hands-on approach, participants will acquire basic skills in developing the outline of a plan for M&E.
The course is particularly designed for middle (3-6 year) and senior (6-10year) PSM professionals involved in implementing as well as managing programmes that involve procurement and supply management systems of health commodities.
More information of the course can be found at http://www.iplussolutions.org/index.php?id=42&language=EN

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Herr Kun-Chieh Wu
Evaluierung, Gesundheitssysteme, Gesundheitsversorgung, Public Health, Wissenschaftlich fundierte Medizin
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