Angepasste Technologien im Gesundheitswesen / Appropriate Laboratory Technologies

Missionsärztliches Institut Würzburg (MI)
23.10.2011 - 28.10.2011  Würzburg
one week (full time)
At the end of a successful completion of the course the student should be able
• To set up a basic laboratory and identify the appropriate tests
• To identify major issues in the laboratory and approach them
• To conduct effective quality control adapted to the local context
• To assess needs for hospital technology like water, energy, sanitary and waste management
• To identify needs for patient care (intensive medicine, incubators, endoscopy)
• To apply hospital facility management
Lernziele, Trainingsziele
The overall objective of this course is to gain knowledge in the concept and use of appropriate technologies in health services. Participants will be able to assess specific requirements and conclude upon the findings appropriately.
Medical and paramedical personnel such as physicians, nurses and laboratory technicians, who want to work in resource poor countries and are interested in professional laboratory training
TropEd accreditation: In process
Lokaler Veranstalter
Missionsärztliches Institut, Hermann-Schell-Str. 7, 97074 Würzburg

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Frau Andrea Rogers
EUR 750,00
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Hermann-Schell-Str. 7
97074 Würzburg
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