EUPHA strategy 2020-2025

Analysis, Advocacy, Action

1. EUPHA 2020-2025: setting course in a changing world

The changing context

Europe enters the third decade of the 21st century with much to celebrate. Its population has never been healthier. Advances in knowledge, from basic sciences to public health, have transformed our ability to tackle the diseases that afflict our populations. It would be easy to become complacent. 
This would be a mistake. Despite the progress we have made, we are faced with massive and complex societal challenges that will place serious pressure on our public health and health care services. Our changing environments threaten life on earth, with global warming, loss of biodiversity, and depletion of natural resources. In the next decades, the ageing population will have a major impact, not only on health care, but on society as a whole. In addition, too many people have been left behind. We have made only limited progress in narrowing the deep inequalities that persist in our societies. People are on the move, fleeing environmental degradation, political oppression, conflict, and poverty, creating challenges for the societies from which they come and to which they go. Populist movements are increasing, challenging the very concept of the enlightenment and the scientific thought that has brought so much progress. And the world’s wealth is being concentrated in the hands of an ever smaller elite. Our world is transforming rapidly and profoundly.

2. EUPHA 2020-2025: our vision and mission

Our vision

Our vision is to enable everyone in Europe to achieve the highest possible level of health by providing independent and authoritative analysis of the evidence, combined with targeted advocacy to achieve coordinated action by all key stakeholders. Our vision:

  • Builds on the commitments of our governments and international agencies to achieve the health-related Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Recognises the importance of placing Health in All Policies;
  • Draws on the Vienna Declaration to embrace the entire range of health determinants, including the biological, social, environmental, occupational, behavioural, political, and commercial, the health care system, and everything that influences the health of our planet.

Our mission

  1. To ensure that in all parts of Europe there is a strong evidence base, built on sustained investments in research capacity and data, as well as capacity for knowledge translation to support policies that impact on health;
  2. To identify, develop, and advocate for actionable policy recommendations in all sectors to improve health; and
  3. To support capacity-building and collaborations that can achieve public health action in practice.

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  Quelle: European Public Health Association
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