Master of Arts in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations

School for International Training (SIT)
15.09.2012  Brattleboro, VT
Course Content
Comprehensive intercultural skills and awareness that is needed to work for greater social justice through professional roles as facilitators, advisors, trainers, educators, curriculum developers and so on
Typical postgraduate careers and job opportunities
Facilitators, advisors, trainers, educators, curriculum developers, organizational consultants, outreach workers, organizers, managers, program planners, and evaluators in a wide range of contexts
US bachelor's degree or an equivalent that demonstrates academic ability, demonstrated English language ability, intercultural and professional experience
Type of degree
Certificate of attendance
On request
Organizer contact info
Kipling Road
05302-0676 Brattleboro, VT
"Going International promotes access to education and training for all regardless of social, geographic and national borders."

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