Spatial statistics for epidemiologists

SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health / Swiss Tropical - and Public Health - Institute (Swiss TPH)
27.10.2010 - 29.10.2010  Zürich
Prof. Leonhard Held
Course Content
Spatial variation in health outcomes is a common feature in epidemiology. This course discusses state-of-the-art statistical tools for the analysis of spatial health data.
Learning objectives, training objectives
To understand and apply the main statistical techniques for spatial data analysis in epidemiology and public health
Target Audience
Advanced students, researchers
Local Organizer
SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health
Lectures and computer lab exercises

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Ms. Sina Henrichs
Epidemiology and Disease Control, Public Health, Statistics
Credit Points
1 ECTS - Points
PhD students registered at SSPH+: free Other PhD students: 300.-- Academics: 850.-- Others: 1250.--
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