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In this issue you will find the following topics:
1. Course Tip:
   Medicine and Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspective

   NIHES -  Erasmus Winter Programme 2012

2. Congress Tip:
   5th World Congress for Endoscopic Surgery of the Brain, Skull Base & Spine

3. Special of the month:
   „Un techo para mi Pais“
  ‘Good health at low cost’ 25 years on

4. Jobs
   Agaplesion gAG
   Personal Job Consulting and Placement   

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Medicine and Human Rights in Cross-cultural Perspective
February 6th – 17th, 2012, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Chaired by Oliver Human

Core Themes
• Philosophical and Historical foundations of Human Rights
    • Medical Anthropology and Human Rights
    • Health as a Human Right
    • The Role of Medical Professionals in assisting Asylum seekers.
    • Violence, Health and Human Rights
    • Public Services as a way to advance Rights
    • Health Care in Humanitarian Crises
    • HIV and Human Rights in South Africa
    • Researching Medicine and Human Rights

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NIHES -  Erasmus Winter Programme 2012
January 16th – February 3rd, 2012, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The Erasmus Winter Programme emphasizes the understanding of principles and methods of clinical research. The programme focuses on the basics common to research in clinical medicine. It also provides courses for those interested in clinical trials, in drug safety research, in decision making in clinical medicine, and in biostatistics.

A 50% discount on tuition will be granted to PhD students at universities worldwide offering research-training in medicine and the health sciences. Courses are open to anyone with a good working knowledge of English.

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5th World Congress for Endoscopic Surgery of the Brain,
Skull Base & Spine combined with the First Global Update on FESS,
the Sinuses & the Nose

March 29 – April 1, 2012, Vienna, Austria

The 5th World Congress for ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY of the BRAIN, SKULL BASE & SPINE in Vienna will deal with the fascinating and sometimes breathtaking latest developments of endoscopic possibilities along and through skull base, inside the brain and spine. New achievements have been made in all sectors, Trans Orbital NeuroEndoscopic Surgery (TONES) being just one of them. Image guided Navigation has come of age, providing unseen-before-accuracy; 3-D endoscopy, magnificent HD endoscopic cameras and sophisticated instrumentation will be on display and used during numerous live on-stage demonstration dissections, performed by the masters and pioneers of the speciality.

The First Global Update on FESS, THE SINUSES & THE NOSE
It was over 25 years ago that the first publications and consequently, courses on FESS appeared – the beginning of an unparalleled success story. From its humble beginnings in the 1970s to the sophisticated potential of today's extended applications, the First Global Update will bring together the pioneers and today's most renowned endoscopists, to evaluate the achievements of the last 25 years: where we have failed, where we should change or modify our techniques. Where can we avoid surgery? Experts will try to give the answers! Any new surgical tricks, new sophisticated instruments, endoscopes, cameras, navigational tools? What is the current status of balloon-based technology? Come and see it in Vienna!

More information on the congress can be found here.

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„Un techo para mi Pais“
Youth building a Latin America without poverty

Un Techo para mi País (TECHO) is a non-profit organization lead by college students and young professionals which aims to eradicate the extreme poverty that affects one third of the Latin American population. We work together with Latin America’s most marginalized populations in the construction of transitional houses and the implementation of social inclusion programs empowering them with tools to improve their quality of life. TECHO was created in Chile in 1997 by a group of college students. After only 14 years of existence, TECHO is already present in 19 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, it has mobilized over 420.000 volunteers, and has built over 82.000 transitional houses. Why has grown so fast? What have been the distinctive leadership traits of this institution? What experience can the European youth that are also involved with issues of poverty and social inequality incorporate?

 You can find the whole article about “Un techo para mi Pais” here

‘Good health at low cost’ 25 years on
What makes a successful health system?

Balabanova, Dina; McKee, Martin and Mills, Anne

Why do some low and middle income countries manage to achieve good health outcomes while others fail? What factors drive improvements in the health system and in access to primary health care? How can we act on the social determinants of health in cash-strapped economies?

These questions are as relevant today as they were in 1985 when the Rockefeller Foundation published what was to become a seminal report – Good health at low cost. The report explored why some poor countries achieved better health outcomes than others, making Good health at low cost essential read for health systems decision- and policy-makers alike.
This new edition of Good health at low cost 25 years on draws on a series of new case studies from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Tamil Nadu and Thailand providing fresh insights into the role of effective institutions, innovation and country ownership in catalysing improvements in health.

“This book provides many immediate lessons for those seeking to strengthen health systems in low and middle income countries.”
Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

“This book shows, with clear-headed argument and solid data, that good health for all is indeed affordable even in today’s difficult economic times…”
Gita Sen, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

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We are looking for a senior physician and assistants for our clinics.

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