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In this issue you will find the following topics:
1. Course Tip:
   MANAGING PARADOX © Workshop Vienna, 24th – 25th June

   Masters Programme Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy   

2. Congress Tip:
   International Congress of Endoscopy (ICE) 2011

3. Special of the month:
   Promote your educational events in »medicine & health« 2012!

4. Jobs
   Agaplesion gAG
   Personal Job Consulting and Placement   

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Vienna, 24th – 25th June

Providing health care for undocumented migrants (UDM) challenges practices in manifold ways. One central challenge is to manage a paradox opened up by conflicting demands: national regulations often severely restrict access to services for UDM, at the same time the right to health care is a fundamental human right that is laid down in various international instruments and ratified by all European countries.

This paradox – if you give care, you act against legal regulations on state level, if you don’t give care you act against fundamental rights obligations – cannot be solved on practice level. It has to be managed. Informal solidarity, functional ignorance, and structural compensation are central strategies identified when analysing practice models in Europe. Starting from these experiences the workshop provides conceptual and practical insights into managing paradox as well as tools how to overcome the dilemma.

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Postgraduate, distance learning European Masters Program
“Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy”

At the University of Heidelberg a new MSc program in Medical Physics delivered in English was started. The focus of the new Master Online “Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy” (APMR) is on medical physics in radiation therapy – a vibrant field in which innovations and ongoing developments over the last few years have contributed significantly to the improvement of cancer therapies.

This exhaustive academic training integrates the modern methods of both medical physics and radiation therapy fully aligned to emerging scientific research issues and technological developments.

APMR is an accredited postgraduate study program on the cusp of relevant therapeutic developments. A large part of the program is delivered predominantly online (80%). Practical training will take place in Heidelberg, a very renowned and scientifically acclaimed center in the field of medical physics and radiation therapy. The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is home to the largest research department for medical physics in Germany.

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International Congress of Endoscopy (ICE) 2011

This one-time event will bring together for the first time the leaders in medical gastrointestinal endoscopy and surgical endoscopy including laparoscopy. The congress provides a high quality program with renowned experts who will present and demonstrate the techniques of performing procedures and discuss the wide scope of surgical and medical endoscopic alternatives for management of varied gastrointestinal diseases.

Date: 12th – 14th September 2011

Venue: Los Angeles, USA




Scientific Highlights:
    • Live therapeutic endoscopy/advanced laparoscopy (Clinic: Cedars-Sinai
       Medical Center, Los Angeles)
    • Surgical and medical learning center (hands-on and video stations)
    • Looking to the future of endoscopy and laparoscopy
    • Robotic endoscopy
    • Videos of developing procedures described by the presenter
    • Meet-the-Professor’ sessions
    • Topic block sessions with medical and surgical speakers comparing / contrasting
       treatment options

Deadline abstract submission: July 1st, 2011

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Current job vacancies


Medicine and nursing. With love for life.

AGAPLESION is a modern healthcare company consisting of the association of social hospitals, nursing facilities and training centres. We have set ourselves the task of uniting excellence in medicine, nursing and management with Christian values. And this is exactly what distinguishes us: patient-oriented medicine and nursing according to acknowledged quality standards.

We are looking for assistants and consultants:

Agaplesion Bethesda Krankenhaus

Assistant doctor (m/f) for further training in orthopaedics/trauma surgery or special trauma surgery
Contact Person: Dr. med. Ingomar Lorenz

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Agaplesion Pneumologische Klinik Waldhof Elgershausen

Assistant doctor (m/f) or specialist in internal medicine (m/f) for further pneumology training
Contact Person: Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Günther

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Agaplesion Diakonieklinikum Hamburg 

Consultant anaesthesiologist (m/f) or further training assistant at an advanced level of studies
Contact Person: Dr. med. Hans-Gert Liehn/Dr. Hans-Joachim Dellbrügge

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Assistant doctor (m/f) for the Medical Geriatric Clinic
Contact Person: Dr. Jutta Bölke

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