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In this issue you will find the following topics:
1. Course Tip:"Programmes and Courses in Health Professions Education"
    Course Tip 2: "Erasmus Summer Programme 2009"
2. Congress Tip: "WFC's 10th Biennial Congress"
3. Special of the month: " - Now available in Spanish and Italian "

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Programmes and Courses in Health Professions Education

School of Health Professions Education /Maastricht University, the Netherlands
The School of Health Professions Education (SHE) offers a wide range of programmes in medical education. The short courses focus on problem-based learning (PBL) and PBL related topics. The degree programmes offer you a scientific training in education theory and its application to the health sciences. The short programmes are relevant to teachers, educators, managers, curriculum developers, decision makers or all other interested in education. The degree programmes are eligible to professionals working in health training programmes or in health care or have the ambition to do so with relevant university degrees or equivalent background.

Our courses and programmes:

   • Master of Health Professions Education (Start date May 25, 2009)
   • Summer Course in Medical Education (June 15-26, 2009)
   • Visitors Workshop in Medical Education (March 26-27 and November 26-27, 2009)
   • Assessment in Medical Education (November 2-6, 2009)
   • Research in Medical Education (November 2-6, 2009)
   • PhD in Medical Education

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27 courses and 4 lectures in 3 weeks

Organizer: Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (Nihes) | Venue: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands | Dates: 10.08.2009-28.08.2009 | Language: English | Course Content: The Erasmus Summer Programme focuses on key principles and methods of quantitative medical research. Open to all health professionals, it provides essential updates in a range of applied medical and healthcare disciplines. The programme also features courses for those particularly interested in clinical medicine, general practice and public health, as well as for epidemiologists, geneticists and biostatisticians. | Fellowship: Nihes offers 15 young, talented and motivated clinicians, epidemiologists and public health professionals the opportunity to participate.

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WFC's 10th Biennial Congress  

Organized by: World Federation of Chiropractic | Venue: Canada: Montreal, QC | Date: April 28th, 2009 - May 2nd, 2009 | Language: English | Registration: E-mail:, 

About: The congress theme is “Celebrating Chiropractic in the 21st Century” and there will be strong content on each of the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic. Mornings of this three-day conference will feature plenary lecture sessions, afternoons will feature a choice of many concurrent technique workshops and other panels and presentations, including the best new original research from the profession worldwide. For more information about the WFC`s 10th Biennial Congress please click here

Congress brochure

Online registration

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