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Brexit and the NHS

Latest data on child mortality in England and Wales
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On March 14, the Office for National Statistics released the latest data on child mortality in England and Wales. After decades of progress, both infant and neonatal mortality rates rose for the second consecutive year. Furthermore, in an analysis of 15 similar countries done by the Nuffield Trust and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the UK compares badly in seven of 16 indicators of child health.

These data warrant an urgent response from the UK Government. But Brexit—the process of the UK leaving the European Union (EU)—is absorbing parliamentary time and distracting all political parties from the business of improving health.

The serious challenges to the National Health Service (NHS) posed by Brexit were outlined last weekby think tank The UK in a Changing Europe. 

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  Quelle: The Lancet Published: 24 March 2018;
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