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Item Response Theory (IRT) (WK83)

Amsterdam UMC / EpidM, Department of Epidemiology & Data Science
Contenuti (corsi)
Clinical measurement of latent constructs often requires use of questionnaires. Measurement of such constructs using questionnaires relies on statistical measurement models. The Item Response Theory provides statistical models which link the latent construct score of a patient to the questionnaire responses of the patient. IRT models are the current golden standard in this context, compared to the Classical Test Theory model where the latent scores are linked to responses by sum-scores.
Obiettivi didattici, obiettivi del training
An active participant of this course will develop an understanding of the IRT in the context of medical measurement. Practically, the participant will be able to evaluate a scientific article which uses IRT and perform IRT analyses.
Pubblico target
The course is designed for healthcare practitioners and researchers who are active in medical, allied health, psychological, or behavioral research and who deal with the development, evaluation, and interpretation of health measurements using IRT.
Attendants are expected to have at least basic knowledge of epidemiological and statistical methods. We will be using R during practicals; hence familiarity with the basic R operations is required.
We use an interactive Learn Management System for this online course. Here you can find all course materials at least one week before the start of the course

Informazioni ed Iscrizioni:

You can register on our website. The course will be online because of Covid-19
Ms. Ange van der Veer
Epidemiologia e Controllo delle Malattie, Sanità Pubblica (Public Health), Statistica
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Apprendimento on-line, A tempo pieno
3 Giorni
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2 ECTS - Points
EUR 750,00
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Boelenlaan 1089a
1081 HV Amsterdam
Aspher University