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Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit

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24.05.2022 - 26.05.2022  Omni Parker House, 60 School Street, 02108 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Temi della conferenza
Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this in-person conference will delve into novel and emerging RNA therapeutics and vaccines such as self-amplifying mRNA vaccines, circular RNA therapeutics, and tRNA-based gene therapies to the scene for discovery and translation of novel modalities that offer superior targeted delivery, selectivity, durability, and scalability compared to the current generations.
Professional congress organizer (PCO)
Hanson Wade

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USD 2599.00 - USD 5097.00
Contatto organizzatori
83 Great Titchfield Street
W1W 6RH London
United Kingdom