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The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency

Airway Management Education Center
15.10.2021 - 17.10.2021  1701 California Street, 80202 Denver, USA
Contenido de curso
Taught by a world-class faculty, The Difficult Airway Course: Emergency™ is the only national CME program that teaches the widely-adopted, evidence-based approach to emergency airway management developed by airway experts Dr. Ron M. Walls, Dr. Michael F. Murphy and Dr. Robert C. Luten. Led by Calvin A. Brown, III, MD from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, the course emphasizes assessment and decision-making to enable participants to manage any emergency airway they encount
Objetivos de formación
Airway Management is one of the most critical skills in Emergency Medicine. This course is designed to provide participants with
state-of-the-art information and hands-on experience that ensure effective and appropriate mngment of the airway.
he Difficult Airway Course: Emergency is intended for healthcare providers including Emergency Physicians, all other physicians who work in the Emergency Department, Physician Assistants, Paramedics, Flight Nurses and Respiratory Therapists.
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Airway Management Education Center LLC

Información e inscripción:
Ms. Executive Director Theresa Steele
Cooperación para el desarollo – Cursos para expertos, Docencia Medicina, Medicina Intensiva
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Certificado de asistencia, Certificado de conclusión
2.5 Días
Puntos de crédito
22.0 CME
USD 1.600,00
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333 South State Street, Suite V 324
97034 Lake Oswego, OR