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Young People as Actors in Sexual Health

Love matters - We matter

We still have a long way to go in the securing of sexual rights! It should really be a given that everyone can choose their sexual partners freely and have self-determination when it comes to deciding what to do with their bodies; that people can enter into consensual sexual relationships and decide for themselves if, when and whom they want to marry – to mention just a few sexual rights.

Sexual health matters in youth! Young people’s sexual health has started to attract the attention it deserves, and is increasingly prominent in global health initiatives. And yet, young people are often neglected when it comes to programming and policy development.

Sexual health encompasses sexual development and reproductive health, as well as the ability to develop and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships; to appreciate one’s own body; to interact with both genders in respectful and appropriate ways; and to express affection, love and intimacy in ways consistent with one’s own values.

This year’s conference will explore the ways in which young people want to improve sexual health and what we, ‘the adults’, can learn from them. The conference aims to give young people the space to talk about sex and relationships in their own way. What measures are required to lift the taboos surrounding sexuality, HIV and safe relationships among young people? How do we overcome the consequences of the missed opportunity of a comprehensive sexual education?

Here you will find the programme of the conference.

Autor: 8th May 2019   Quelle: Medicus Mundi Switzerland
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